High Concept

Running through an alien landscape trying to escape bloodthirsty beasts evoking a sense of horror and anxiety.


Survive against all odds on an unnerving alien world! Traverse the planet & evade alien skull-like monstrosities as they comb the land for you. Use the aliens' own skulls to gain new powers to evade them & press forward! Survivors from your crash are scattered throughout, but ultimately the decision to save them is up to you. As you progress, uncover more of the mystery behind the planet as well as a way to escape it. Will you survive alongside your fellow survivors or become what you had feared most?

Project Details

Made in Unreal Engine 4

14 UCF Game Design students on the team

2 Semesters (Fall20'-Spring21')



-Assign tasks to level designers and programmers

-Collaborate with other leads to assure games cohesion



-Checkpoint System Blueprint

-AI1 Blueprint

-AI2 Blueprint

-World Building/Landscaping

-Set Dressing

-Level Designing

-World lighting & Tech